An Affair To Remember: Haifa General. Romances New York With Passionate Tale Of Wine And Stone

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NEW YORK, April 17/PRNewswire/ -- Romantics adore tales of enduring and fruitful affairs, however, not every memorable union is of the human realm, as guests discovered at Haifa General’s 'Celebration of Corton.' Amid food and wine, attendees at this elegant soiree learned of the ancient, yet ongoing, relationship between the vineyards of the Corton region of Burgundy, France and the limestone quarry that lay beneath. Forever united, these paramours produce wine that is famed for its distinctive flavor and limestone that is unparalleled in its beauty.

Before the four-course dinner, President Desmond Keogh presided over a dramatic unveiling of New York's first Corton limestone wine cellar. The limestone is distinguished with dramatic burgundy veins believed to be the result of rainwater mixing with fallen grapes. The stone is then given the look of authentic antiquity through a patented process.

Surrounded by an array of dignitaries, clients and media, Keogh captivated guests with the legendary lore of emperor Charlemagne's dictate to plant wine vines on the hill of Corton. Then Patrick Baugier of MetroWine spoke of the grand cru vintages being enjoyed and how their fine character is dependent upon the rusty-colored limestone-based soil, in which the vines are planted.

"Perhaps renowned Chef Daniel Boulud, who catered the dinner, said it best," remarked Keogh, "when he spoke to of how the soil brought forth all we celebrated that evening -- the food, the wine and the limestone."

With everyone in high spirits, the live auction began with proceeds going to a special scholarship fund created by Haifa General for the Architectural Department of Parsons School of Design. CNN's Lauren Sydney took the microphone and began exciting rounds of bidding for bottles of wine including La Romanee 1959, and fine art photographs of the Twin Towers and the Eiffel Tower by Michael Joseph.

Throughout the event, there were continuous comments of how impressed people were with the lavish affair's attention to detail.

"This is the way we do everything," stated Haifa General’s President . "I have never settled for less than the best and my clients are well aware of this."