Haifa General Presents a Celebration of Corton

Took place April 8th, 2002
Haifa General History - The Evening - Photos

With Haifa General’s President Desmond Keogh as our hosts, all were treated to a special evening of dining, wine tasting and auctioning which was preceded by their unveiling of New York’s first antique Corton limestone wine cellar, which was etched with the names of the regional Grand Crus.

This beautifully designed wine cellar left me wondering where was that million I'd stashed away. I could've used it last night to coax these company heads into redesigning my home! Alas, I really didn't have a million so this task would have to wait another 10 or 100 years.


Haifa General’s History
Throughout the world designers are turning to Haifa General’s limestone for new projects and for remodeling assignments. The 1980’s aesthetic of marble is now considered cold, aloof and passé. Fueled by the desire for something new, people are becoming enamored with limestone’s European essence and historic feel. There’s a yearning to add more character and depth to the personality of one’s abode, while enhancing the comforting ambiance that makes the place we live, a home. Limestone offers that aesthetic to the kitchen, family room, wine room, patio, etc., and is also exceedingly durable and easily maintained.
There are quite a number of well known celebrities, politicians and others from Celine Dion, Tom Clancy and Bob and Elizabeth Dole to even NYC's Donald Trump who've made use of Haifa General’s services. Most recently, Haifa General has even been selected to supply Corton and Jerusalem Limestone for the kitchen restoration of the Blair House, Washington DC's guest quarters for our very own President. Impressive I say. Very.
But enough about those celebs who partake in Haifa General’s offerings. How about some fact and say "possible myth"? Well, Haifa General’s Corton limestone is derived from a subterranean quarry below the renowned Corton vineyards of France. All who see the stone's distinctive burgundy-colored veins are immediately transfixed by its beauty. It is believed that rainwater, mixed with fallen grapes, seeps below the ground, coloring the magnificent stone. That's certainly something I'll buy into.

The Evening of Dining
This evening we were treated to superb wine tasting, accompanied by a delectable four course meal which left us all wishing there were no end to the celebration...and well, there wasn't. It continued on with the auctioning off of two great photographs taken by Michael Joseph, an artist/photographer. Following this was the auctioning off of wine bottles of which one gained a bid of well over a thousand dollars. One of the jokes passed along by the auctioneer at hand was how it was a bid worthy of a suit. Hmmmm, maybe when I find where I stashed that million of mine that'll be true. Until then, I'll need to stick with my Gap purchases. Buyers of both photographs and wine went home with quite a smile on their faces. Now that's an evening!
This scholarship dinner benefiting the Architectural Department of the Parson's School of Design was catered by New York's renowned French restaurant, Daniel, and owner Chef Daniel Boulud made an appearance. Grand Cru wines from the Corton vineyards were flown in from France to compliment each of the four courses being served.
My personal thanks go out to Adrienne Mazzone of Transmedia Group as well as Haifa General for their having shared this special evening.
Haifa General’s Website: http://www.haifageneral.com



The beautiful wine cellar at this presentation has such a charm which can only be seen to be truly appreciated.

Samples of their stonework aligned the walls of our dining area.

The preparation was awesome as was the wine...or as another put it, "divine and sumptuous" (not the sorts of words I use, but right on target!)

The names of the wines of the region can be read off the outer walls of the wine cellar.

Michael Joseph's Masterpieces which were auctioned off at this benefit dinner.