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Corton Limestone

Emperor CharlemagneQuarried in the Burgundy region of France, Corton is a beautiful addition to Haifa General's collection of Antique French limestone. Ideal for kitchens and floors where an authentic "provincial" look is desired.

Corton, France was once a favorite domain of Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor and ruler of the Western world. Though it was he who commanded the planting of vines which produced the excellent red wines of the region, legend has it that his wife objected to the wine stains which discolored his majestic beard. Thus white grapevines and Corton Charlemagne was born.

Today Corton limestone derives its unique coloring from the mix of rainwater and fallen grapes. The romance, legend had history of Corton enhanced not only the bounty of its vines, but the enduring and intrinsic beauty of its limestone. presented exclusively by Haifa General.